Let's raise the visibility of code documentation in Ruby!
Inch CI is here! Make your own badge with the new CI service: http://inch-ci.org

How do I get my own badge?

To get a badge for your own projects, edit this file on GitHub and add your project in the form username/repo:

Then submit the change to create a pull request.

I will in turn send you a pull request with your updated README (and a link to your "Inch Page", so you can check it first).

So is this a fully featured CI service?

No, not yet at least. This is a community driven project based on GitHub Pages, passion, pull requests and a bit of manual labor on my part.

Inch Pages is a social project at heart. We can always implement a full-blown web-service after we have convinced a broader audience of the importance of inline documentation.

But for now, the important bits for raising the visibility of code documentation are there: badges and status pages.

So: add your project! Pull requests are fun!

Wait, who are you?

I'm @rrrene, creator of sparkr and Inch.

Hit me up on Twitter or create an issue in the Inch Pages project.

Fork me on GitHub