Let's raise the visibility of code documentation in Ruby!
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Documentation badges for Ruby projects Inline docs

Advantages for maintainers

If you are a gem developer or maintain a library you probably already use badges in your README to show that your tests are passing and your code isn't a horrible mess in need of refactoring.

Now you can also show that you documented your project properly.

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Advantages for developers

If you are a Ruby developer, you know the pain of cloning a project you want to improve just to find out that it is completely undocumented.

Then you have to form the mental equivalent of an AST to comprehend how it all fits together. Wouldn't it be great to see the present level of documentation directly in the README?

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What is Inch Pages?

This project is an attempt to raise the visibility of code documentation in Ruby. It provides badges to include in your project's README, to show people that documenting code is a cool thing.

The badges are based on Inch and look like this: Get yours!

What is Inch?

Inch is a documentation measurement tool for Ruby that was created to help people document their code. It is a command-line utility that gives grades based on how complete the docs are (screenshots).

What is the goal?

I really think that posting these badges in a project's README will benefit the project (because people can see that it's well documented) and the community by improving the visibility of documentation.

Let's start a discussion, let's raise the visibility of documentation, let's talk.

Wait, who are you?

I'm @rrrene, creator of sparkr and Inch.

Hit me up on Twitter or create an issue in the Inch Pages project.

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